A Day in the Life of a 外教 – Wàijiào (Foreign Teacher)

Do you remember my “Day in the life” post from back when I was living in Espain? Thought I’d do another one, but in China! Funny to compare the two! 7:55 I wake to the sound of Chinese music and a strange counting routine going on outside my dorm. The combination “Yi Ar San Si … More A Day in the Life of a 外教 – Wàijiào (Foreign Teacher)

China’s Quirks

Yeah, you knew this one was coming. I’d like to think of this post as a celebration of the uniqueness of a country and the opportunity to learn. (but mostly I complain about squatting to take a deuce) No but really. DISCLAIMER: parts of this post are a bit whiney and self entitled, but please try to … More China’s Quirks

My China Day Savior

They warned us we’d have days. China days. Days when everything would go wrong in the worst possible way. You’d order chicken feet by mistake, people would stare a little too much, you’d get diarrhea with no western toilet in sight and *gasp* no tissue paper or hand sanitizer in your bag. One month into … More My China Day Savior

Eat the World

Eu não moro no Rio, eu namoro o Rio. Extremely rough translation: I don’t live in Rio, I’m in love with Rio. As much as I’ve loved (nearly) every moment from these past 6 months here in Rio pretending to be the girl from Ipanema, faking a samba step at carnaval and slamming down caipivodkas (no cachaça for … More Eat the World