Hi! I’m Nicole or Britt depending on where we met :-P. I’m a 20-something Californian traveling the world, stumbling through foreign languages and eating all the foods.

I’m a beach bum, cafe crawler and quase yogini. Yes, I’m your basic chick and proud!

I’m a hedonist and adventurer who will always sacrifice money for time instead of time for money. I recently saw a post that said, “I remember when I used to dream of having the things I have today” and all I could think was, “I remember when I used to dream of having things.”


Here’s my story: I grew up in a quiet town in Northern California. Always a beach lover, I headed to Santa Barbara to attend university. Although I’d grown up vacationing abroad with my family and had been on some Summer exchanges, I’d never really lived abroad. All that changed my Junior year of Uni when I moved to Santiago, Chile to study abroad for an entire year.

I made new friends, learned a new language, ate new foods and traveled to new countries. I was 20, but I was experiencing life in a new way.


The new and unknown is what fuels my curiosity and still inspires me to travel today all these years later. 

After graduation I headed straight back to Chile to try my hand at teaching English and living the expat life. But Chile wasn’t the right fit for me and my feet began to itch.

Six months later my Chilean boyfriend and I decided to call it quits and so naturally I bought a one-way ticket to…Paris!


Moving to France opened a door full of much more new. I wasn’t only living in a new language, culture, and location but I was experiencing for the first time in my life what it was like to do exactly what I wanted to do and to do it all on my own.

And thus a solo female traveler (and part-time badass) was born! 


Since France I’ve moved around Europe, headed back to South America to pretend I’m the girl from Ipanema, survived a year teaching primary students in China and backpacked (some of) the world for a year on a shoestring.

And I’ve done it all, every step of this journey, alone.

An ex once told me that I can’t keep running away from life. What he doesn’t know is that I’m running toward life!

The life I live is neither irresponsible nor simply chalked up to luck. It’s not perfect, but it’s a choice, my choice. I thought of what I wanted and I let myself have it.


I thought I could, so I did. 


5 thoughts on “About

  1. dig your style sister! you’ll figure that shit out when you get there – live in the moment 🙂 love your attitude!!!! hope your travels are going superbly x

    1. aww thanks, chick! Sometimes present me wants to kick past me’s ass hahah but it’s all in the fun of it! 😀 Happy travels to you too!!

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