Vacation Capsule Wardrobe


Thought I’d continue gushing about this capsule wardrobe thing.

When better to do a capsule than when you’re on vacation! (Especially when you’re on a 6 week vacation backpacking around South East Asia whoo!)

My huge inspiration for capsule wardrobes was (and may always be) Caroline from Un-fancy


this time I wanted to really look at vacation capsule packing and how to really make something work in a variety of ways that wouldn’t leave you looking back at your Facebook album thinking, “Man, did I literally wear that outfit in every picture?!”

With a little help from Google I found an awesome style blog simply entitled Outfit Posts that has a “One Suitcase” capsule series.

Now while her style is quite different from my own and strays from the typical capsule neutrals, I really loved how she showed how few pieces could create so many diverse outfits.

I was especially inspired to layer things that I normally would think to wear separately — like a skirt over a dress.

11083724_10152740145822546_2047915203212102478_oHard to see, but the grey top in the pic is actually a dress under a black flowy skirt!

Might I add that the chambray shirt was capsuletastic on this vacation. Some days I’d wear it as a cover up for temples or a sweater when it was chilly. But then I could also button it up and wear it as a shirt too!


One thing I really strove for (inspired by un-fancy’s post) was taking my day time outfits to nighttime outfits.

I think going out while traveling is where I waste most my clean clothes trying to dress up and look cute for a night out in a foreign city.

Inspirited by Caroline’s Day to Night wisdom on adding jewelry, changing shoes and even playing with hair and makeup I gave it a shot while on vacation and was pleased that I not only didn’t waste two outfits in one day, but I also felt I glammed up my day time looks that I’d never think to wear out on the town.

SAM_0225 IMG_5039

This orange top looks totally different when I “styled” my hair into a disheveled updo, ditched the sunglasses (and Starbucks hehe Why the F doesn’t China have Chai tea?!?) and added some gold jewelry, riiiiiight? 🙂


That grey dress felt WAY different when I took off the (unpictured) flip flops and chambray shirt and added jewelry, a fancy purse and (unpictured) cute sandals.

Yay! Success 😀

Ok so how did I actually pack for this trip.

Maybe my method will sound mad to you, but it worked really well for me and I plan on doing it before all my trips.

1. Laid out all the clothes I thought I wanted to pack and then laid them out virtually on Polyvore. LOL I felt like Cher from Clueless

haha a little more effort was needed than this! although there is an app for iphone that’s just like this!


LOL I made it for myself, but somehow 8 different people viewed it and 4 of them "liked" it
LOL I made it for myself, but somehow 8 different people viewed it and 4 of them “liked” it

I know it sounds weird, but It wasn’t until I actually had everything on my computer screen that I was better able to weed out what wouldn’t be versatile enough to make it into my vacay capsule.

2. After finally deciding on what would stay, I began to look at the capsule above and start thinking of possible outfits/combinations

3. *Now this is where I may lose you* I then looked at my itinerary and made up outfits for each day typing them into my notepad


Having it all written out I was able to see if I was repeating a piece too much. Heck! I could even do a word search for say “white dress” and see how many times I’d wear my white dress during the trip.

Now I realize this may seem like a ton of energy to you, but I assure you it barely took me any time at all. I’d even say it was fun! (maybe I should have studied fashion and become a personal stylist?? ermmmm #pipedream)

Most importantly, while my friends would wake up in the morning stressed about what to wear, tossing their clothes around and ultimately wearing the same thing they wore a few days before, I would wake up, glance at my phone and throw on my outfit feeling fresh and styled.

I’m writing about all this because it worked really well for me and I hope it can help at least one person. If anything I’ll look back on this blog when I’m 40 and think, “Wow! I was a neurotic little shit.” hahha

My method may work for some and for others may be a total joke. I remember in grade school I’d lay out my outfit for the next day on my bedroom floor at night. I remember once telling a few friends and they scoffed saying they dressed “according to [their] mood in the morning.” Well I sneered right back at them thinking, “But then I’d just wear sweatpants every day!” haha

In all seriousness, I love the capsule wardrobe, spending with purpose and living a more minimalistic life

and I hope you do…or you will too 🙂


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