Eat the World

Eu não moro no Rio, eu namoro o Rio.


Extremely rough translation: I don’t live in Rio, I’m in love with Rio.

As much as I’ve loved (nearly) every moment from these past 6 months here in Rio pretending to be the girl from Ipanema, faking a samba step at carnaval and slamming down caipivodkas (no cachaça for this girl), my itchy feet have gotten the better of me.

With an expired visa and a disease like deep desire that wills me to see the world, I’ve decided to make a big move.

I mean a really big move.

like really really










You guessed it!


The Chinese government has offered myself and some 100 other Anglophoneys a job teaching oral English in public schools in the city of Shenzhen.


Never heard of Shenzhen? Neither had I!



Some 35 years ago it was nothing but a small fishing village, but in the past three decades it’s developed into a bustling metropolis of 10 million thanks to being one of China’s special economic zones.

And best of all, it’s only a skip away from Hong Kong in the deep, deep south of China.


And yes, guys! There is a beach just outside of town! Poor me, I’ll have to learn to use public transportation to get there as opposed to taking a 5 minute stroll. *sigh* You can’t have it all.

So maybe you’re thinking, “But Britt! You’re Carioca da Gema! How can you leave Rio and abandon Brazil?”

Of course I’ll miss the long days on the beach in ipanema, the açai, the friendly people, the gorgeous way the city meets nature, speaking the language (eek! mandarin classes start in August!), mingling with locals at street parties and you bet your ass all the bronzed Brazilian love gods. (the asian persuasion will be put to the test lol)

I love Rio so much that I consider it a home…a home I’ll be coming back to.

And to be honest, I can’t wait to throw my backpack on and get to hostel hopping around SE Asia. That’s not to say that I’m not absolutely thrilled to have my very own classroom again (which’ll be full of adorable chinese kiddos) during the ‘work time’ of this adventure.

The way I see it is simple. I’m young and without any ties. There’s never been a better time to see and learn more about the world.

Life is so much more than a hometown, job and social circle. The whole world is life and the only way to truly live is to see that world.

I want to experience life through travel.

I want to eat the world.

needs hot sauce



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