European City Breaks

Ok so Rio is pretty awesome, but already my feet are getting itchy to go on some city breaks and start exploring. Never thought I’d say this, but Ryanair, I miss you and your yellowness and stupid song that plays when we’re on time! Since I’m still establishing myself in Rio (read: hustling) I can’t go on any city breaks just yet.

So, why not remember past city breaks from the old continent!


Destination #1 (See the Sights)—London


The sights were incredible in London! A few days weren’t enough to truly take in this city. I did, luckily, have an awesome free walking tour guide that was studying acting and really put herself into all the stories and anecdotes from the past. Guy Fawkes and the term hung drawn and quartered is a memory I really can’t quite erase from my mind! Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Destination #2 (Romantic Getaway)—Paris


Ahhhhh Paree. You weren’t a romantic getaway for me, that’s for sure! I was veryyyyy freshly single when I arrived. They say happiness isn’t real unless it’s shared. But somehow I was able to admire your beauty and learn the difference between lonely and alone.

Destination #4 (Food and Fine Dining)—Rome


Yep. I gained 10 lbs in 5 weeks. Cuz pizza-lasagna is a real thing that exists and you really can eat it because it’s real.


Destination #5 Explore the Arts—Barcelona

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI wasn’t the biggest fan of Barcelona because I thought all the beautiful sights were overrun by photo hungry tourists (see: girl in white crop top and leather jacket) and not enjoyed the way they should be, think picnicking in Luxembourg gardens. Nonetheless, I can’t scoff at Gaudi’s charming touch on the city.

Destination #6 Explore the Culture—Brussels


We were rained out and sick on our short day trip to Brussels. I’d hardly say that a trip to the atomium during some Latino festival was exploring the culture. The chocolate in the gift shop was yummy though!

Destination #7 Relax & Unwind—Bruges


Ahhh Belgium, you sly little fox of a country getting two mentions! Bruges was definitely the highlight of our trip to Belgium. We relaxed and unwined by taking canal cruises, eating waffles and french fries and trying the local brew. Great city break!

Edinburgh, I’m sorry!

My fav of these city breaks?


Some were the best in one category, but there’s one city in Europe that I think has it all.


Yep, I’m still endorsing Lisbon. I’ll be contacting the tourism board soon for my commission. 😉

Happy city breaking, people!


It’s my 2nd year blogiversary today 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.53.48 PM


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