I Left My Heart in Lisbon

After all the reminiscing I did about Lisbon in my previous post, my greedy, Lisbon loving fingers couldn’t help but jump on skyscanner to search for a flight for a weekend getaway.

There was one millisecond where I paused to rethink the purchase, but then I slammed on the enter button and my flight was purchased!

Why would I return to a city I have already visited?


That’s why!

This post is coming at you inspired by one of my favorite travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt. It’s eery how much the two of us are alike. We both not only love to travel (duh!) but we both hold a special place in our hearts for Lisbon (and Paris!) Ohhhh and we share the same birthday! Possible soul-mates? Probably not, he’s American 😛

Anyway Matt also went to Lisbon and decided it was a place he had to revisit. And so he did.

And so I did.

For the second time this year I stepped out of the metro and soaked in that feeling of arriving in a city you know you’re going to love.


Just as Matt did, In the days leading up to the trip I worried that I was maybe chasing travel ghosts, or looking to relive moments that had happened and were unlikely to repeat.

Even so, my concern wasn’t all too serious knowing that my love for the city was truly for the city itself. I did meet some friendly backpackers and I do have fond memories of the time we shared, but all in all the days we had together were good, but nothing extraordinary. I didn’t make a new best friend or find my soulmate.

I did find a city I want to call home.

I found myself walking the streets on the first day smiling to myself (even humming) for no apparent reason.

Just as the first time I marveled at the beauty of the hand laid Portuguese stones that can for the most part only be found in Portugal and it’s former colonies (Brazil and Macau!)




I gasped at the views and enjoyed the greenery once again

the castle from Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra
Quinta da Regaleira, a Brazilian-born Portuguese millionaire’s eccentric, crazy and super green estate


Rapunzel and her photo bombers hehe
cabo da roca
furthest western point on continental europe (burritos I was calling for youuuu..and mom!)

Once again I stuffed my face with all the delicious foods and pastries Portugal has to offer

ommmmgerrrd baked goat cheese in honey with rosemary, chickpea, tomato and olive salad and a glass of white all for €12 (YES! have I mentioned how awesomely cheap this city is) all from Cantinho Lusitano (recommended!!)
what’s a trip to Belem without a pastéis de nata??

The whimsicality and Harry Potterness of the city were in full effect again

the elevador de santa justa is just way too cool to be from the muggle world
at the risk of getting a spell cast on me, I snuck a pic of the veteran university students in their cloaks

And yes, for me this city continues to be San Francisco (but much better! shhh)



Simply put, I just love it there. I’m not sure when, but I have a feeling that I’ll be living there one day. I can totally see myself renting an apartment on one of those cobblestoned streets, tucking into bakeries for queijadas, taking the train to Cascais to lie in the sun and sipping port wine with friends in Alfama. The city is unpolished yet seductive and has this creative and exciting energy that I think would keep me staying longer and longer if I were to move there.

Eight months after my first visit I went on the typical hostel pub crawl once again. The guide was the same as last time and to my surprise he remembered me. He approached me and said “I know you. You’re the American girl who wants to move to Lisbon.”

Still am.



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