Eivissa Extremes

I’ve survived a month in Ibiza! (well..45 days to be exact)


If you’ve ever been to Ibiza in the summer you’d understand the feat that is making it out of this place alive.

With over a month under my belt I think it’s fair that I gather my thoughts and experiences and tell you my opinion of this tiny, little island I call mi hogar.

The only problem is that I can’t consolidate my thoughts into one concise summary.

Arriving Mid-September I got to see the two extremes of Ibiza.

On Season


IMG_2755 IMG_2773

And Off Season

a whole beach to myslef
an actual cultural event (yes, there are children, pregnant women and old people on the island!!!)

Ibiza during the on season and Ibiza during the off season is like being on two completely different islands.

When I arrived in Ibiza I stayed at a hostel while looking for an apartment. Obviously everyone I met was looking to party until the sun came up….and then continue partying the rest of the day.

I decided the infamous closing parties weren’t something I wanted to miss out on and with my tight budget after already having spent the entire summer backpacking, I picked and chose the best/cheapest parties to go to.

These closing parties were unlike any night out I had ever experienced before. Having lived abroad for a while I’ve gotten used to starting the party late and ending even later, but nothing could have prepared me for the non-stop party that goes on in Ibiza.

Often I’d make it down for breakfast in the hostel at 11 AM while people were just rolling in from their night out raging.

What I really loved about the party season in Ibiza is how much it really is about the music. When I looked around the disco I didn’t see sleazy guys out on the prowl or stupid girls doing body rolls looking around to see who was checking them out. I saw people entirely consumed in the booming beats the world class DJ was putting out.

But what comes along with staying up alllllllll night and being consumed in the music is ….you guessed it!…drugs, drugs and more drugs.

I was offered everything from cocaine to molly (MDMA) to LSD.

…and for free! I mean, not even from an actual drug dealer! Just normal people looking to share their ‘good time’

Of course I didn’t accept, mom! But my nights ended at 5 AM instead of 10 because you really can only be drunk for so long and I sure as hell wasn’t buying a €25 vodka tonic at the bar. 

At one point on the dance floor I saw a pretty blonde girl wearing owl eye sunglasses and platform sneakers (hipster alert!) pull out a small baggie full of white powder. She then preceded to take out a key and snort the powder off of it. Right out on the open dance floor!!! For God and everyone else to see her! When she pulled her head back up to continue dancing let’s just say her nose was a little too white to match the rest of her complexion.

Although Ibiza’s party scene may be a little too wild for this small town girl, I still had a blast with new friends!

I even made it onto one of those party videos they make! Check minute 0:55


So, you’re probably wondering what Ibiza is like now. 

Well I’ll tell you that it’s nothing like the crazy island that’s so world famous in the summer. I’d go as far as saying that it’s much like living in a cozy pueblo…just on an island.

With the closing of all the major discos (except Pacha) there isn’t all too much to do on a Friday night. My friends and I (the other auxiliars…not too much luck with Ibizenco friends) often go out for tapas or a few cañitas.

Life has slowed down quite a bit and I actually like the feeling that I’m not missing out on anything. With so few options you never feel like you’re making the wrong one haha!

The weather is still gorgeous and the beaches are deserted. Sitting down for drinks we’re surrounded by locals’ Spanish (sometimes Catalán) chatter.

I think I like it here.



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