It’s Friday and you ain’t got shit to do!

In honor of me not working on Fridays I’ve decided to start a new initiative! It’ll be a sort of Throwback Thursday/Photo Friday endeavor.

My main goal: document and remember past trips I’ve taken.

Besides photos, I have no written records of my past experience with travel. The complete failure that was my Chile blog and my lack of a personal journal leave me with little to remember of amazing moments in my life.

And let’s face it. It’s Friday; I ain’t got no {work}… and I ain’t got shit to do.

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The summer leading up to my imminent year abroad in Chile I wanted to get my Spanish in shape. Having been to Spain two summers in the past (part II is coming!) I was itching to check out a new part of Hispanoamérica.

At the top of my list was surprisingly Colombia. A country I’m still dying to see. Hmmm 2014??

Some internet searches eventually led me to a small surf town called Tamarindo on Costa Rica’s Pacific side. In no time I had already booked a 6 week course at a language school and accommodation in student housing…and guess what?! I got my mama to come with me for part of the trip! Summer of 2009 we hopped a flight to Central America ready to learn some Spanish and live the pura vida lifestyle.

Somehow this city with only one paved road turned out to be a major gringo magnet/tourist trap. Hoards of foreigners came in every summer to take language classes or take surf lessons at the infamous surf school. Gringas would meet a local guy and quickly become his new flavor of the week. Regardless, I made the most of it and partied it up with my new German and Swiss compis!

Some of these friends I would even meet again!

I went on fun adventures,

peed on my friends at the bar in the pool

and hit my head really hard on a slide that went into another pool.

I even got into the spirit of things and found a Tico boy to teach me Spanish and how to surf!

I was blonde and tan

and carefree 🙂


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