these are a few of my favorite cheap madrid things

So I realize I haven’t been blogging much about Madrid. Well, to be honest, I haven’t been blogging all too much in general.

¿Dónde he estado?

I’ve been busy not spending money, ya’llllllll!

Toto we’re not in Paris anymore! We can eat again!

Ok ok so I’m still buying store brand products, but my QoL has gone up so much now that my CoL has gone so far down. That’s a perfect negative correlation, amigos!

But let’s remember, kiddos, as my comm 1 professor would say, “Correlation does not imply causation!” What I mean to say is just because Madrid is cheap doesn’t mean I’m living la buena vida. But Madrid isn’t just cheap, it’s awesomely cheap! So yes, la vida si es buena.

Let’s start with my favorite of the awesomely cheap things:


I have 3 words: EL FREAKING TIGRE!

This is my all time favorite tapas spot. Not necessarily for the quality of food, but for the mayhem, chaos and excitement that is dining here. Order a round of drinks (monster ones cost €5) and you’ll get plate after plate of FREE food!

I also like to think of this place as dinner with a show. A SUPER stressed out waiter flies around asking “¿Cuántos sois?!!” and then delivers the drinks and tapas all at once on a silver platter. (And I really mean all at once! I think there were 10 mojitos on the tray in the above photo.) Next, everyone eats their fill of croquetas, patatas bravas, and jamón ibérico until their tummies ache. I’ve never once left this place with clean plates. Here you can literally eat and eat until you can’t eat any longer.

I’ve had the pleasure of taking groups here as a sort of gastronomical tour guide. Last time I made sound effects the whole time (like taaahhh dahhhhh when the food came) and I started a “TO EL TIGRE” group cheers. Yes, I AM that girl. And Yes, I’m also known to show people the double rainbow video and cry watching it in front of them.

Moving along….

100 Montaditos!


Another favorite tapas spot. You can always count on 100M! This place is actually a chain (there’s some in FL apparently!) and has an awesome menu of 100 small, delicious sandwiches. I contemplated trying them all with a friend and getting ridiculously rich and famous, yet my love for el número 95, el piripi, spoils this plan. I can’t not order this supermontadito.

What I love most about this place? Sundays and Wednesdays are 1€ everything days! Along with the 1€ pitchers of tinto de verano o cerveza that makes a 2 or 3€ dinner!


Something cool that has hit the Madrid tapas scene this past week is Tapapiés!

The Lavapiés area of Madrid has converted itself into an amazing tapa treasure hunt. La ruta de la tapa! Nearly 50 bars/restaurants participate in the event which is meant to show off the area’s culinary specialties. Each restaurant has one unique tapa that it offers for 1€ (1€ more to wash it down with a cerveza!)

I, of course, have already been four times since it started (7 days ago). With a group of friends that I was hoping would let me boss guide them around, I pulled up the map on my phone and we began our treasure hunt.


The participating venues boasted tapas from not only Spain, but Thailand, India, Brazil and Italy among other countries. Armed with an appetite and a handful of euro coins we tapeamos our way around tapapiés.

the tapas crew
my first and favorite (so far!) was an Indo-Thai fusion from a restaurant called El Fantástico

Scratch-off tickets were given out at some places to go to the website to vote for your favorite tapa, in order to be entered into a draw to win…more tapas….or an iPad..? (why is that always something you can win?!?!)

The week is still young and I have four more days to try the other tapas. Will I make it a 5th time? My tummy and my wallet are screaming “SI SI SI!”

I suppose you could say I’m not too tapped out for tapas.


*I do realize I said cheap Madrid things and not just food! I swear I’ll get to posting about other ways to not spend money and disfrutar…probably.*


5 thoughts on “these are a few of my favorite cheap madrid things

  1. Oh Cien Montaditos… how I miss thee! Probs my favorite spot to go for tapas. Also I never did make it to El Tigre, despite living in Madrid for 2 years.

    Another place you should probably check out for tapas which isn’t so much on the cheap side but the prices are decent is Lateral! It’s a chain and the ones I’ve been to are on Fuencarral and Plaza Santa Ana. Those are some good tapas!

    1. Oh no! You missed an “experience”! haha
      Thanks for the tip! I have a Wednesday 100M crew, but recently we’ve decided to branch out and try other tapas places. I’ll make sure to throw in the suggestion! 🙂

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