Facebook reunited us!

Do you ever open your browser to look up something and your fingers automatically type facebook?

I do.

I do it a lot.

It makes me sad.

Truth be told, I kind of hate facebook. It’s not always used for good. Yeah, I remember when you “liked” that picture of bird shit in my hair, madafaka!

The biggest positive of facebook is staying in contact with family and friends from afar. I always feel like it hasn’t been that long since I’ve last spoken to a friend because I’ll be damned, I know that just yesterday they had starbucks and OMG LOL LOL the cashier spelled their name wrong. (you weones should try living in a Spanish speaking country with a name like Brittany that’s pronounced like Britney. Still haven’t decided if I hate being called Bree-ta-nee more than being called Breetnee Speers hmm)

Just by the sign up button on facebook it reads “Connect and share with the people in your life.”

I REALLY liked your new profile picture!


Yes, you might find out that your boyfriend’s ex is cuter than you and omg she just liked his status. Yes, people are going to boast about their wonderful lives. Yes, you are going to read stupid opinions from stupid people that you stupidly added years ago …Nd their’ll be grammer Nd speling erors.


I’ve watched as friends have gone to college, passed exams, partied a little too hard, dated, broke up, graduated, found jobs in a rough economy, got engaged, married and had kids. All this while living in different parts of the state, on different continents or even in different hemispheres!

Aside from all the supposed “drama” and bullshit that facebook seems to stir, I’m forever thankful for the connections it’s allowed me to keep. We don’t have teleportation yet, but we do have a way of getting at least a piece of ourselves across oceans.

This year has been one of reunions per me 🙂

high school graduation 07 babyyy
this past September with the girls enjoying a corona and remembering a friend who has passed on his birthday

and just because I like laughing at our high school pics

at the prommmmm (ewww I’m wearing a tiara)
senior skip day!

Since I’ve moved to Madrid I’ve already reconnected with TWO friends from my past!

A simple change of current city led me to meet up with my French friend, Heloise, who I met in Cuzco and climbed Machu Picchu with two years ago!

Heloise, myself and Danielle at Machu Picchu! in 2010
eating alpaca while wearing an alpaca beret and socks
ok so you can barely see my head in this pic, but this was at her boyfriend’s surprise welcome back party in Madrid! She lives here too!

THAT SAME NIGHT I met up with my German friend, Miriam, who I met in Costa Rica three years ago! She also saw my current city update and was passing through with friends!

Miriam (far left) and I enjoying the pura vida with friends in Playa Tamarindo 2009
just outside my favorite tapas spot, el tigre, a few weeks ago 🙂

Bottom line is: J’adore facebook. I’m most happy making new friends and meeting up with old ones. So that’s what I intend to keep on doing!

Who will I reunite with next??? Will I rekindle my romance with Jaime??? My other amor del verano from my spanish story part II that I still haven’t written??¡Estén Atentos!


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