primeras impresiones areN’T always correctas!

Having run out of vicodin in my final hours of flight —

*record scratch* haha I’m tempted to not explain!

ok ok I got my wisdom teeth pulled the week before! (BIG MISTAKE)

— my journey over to the good ol’ viejo contiente wasn’t quite the pleasantest. Cheap ol’ me booked the 6:49 AM flight out of Sac.What does that mean? I had to leave for the airport at 3-FREAKIN-A-FREAKIN-M!

Around 19 fooking hours later, a few new friends made that I recognized in the airport (from off facebook! how creepy is that!), I stepped off the plane in Madrid.

An overcast, early morning, all around shitty Madrid.

My first thought was “oh. ew.”

sol, you just weren’t cutting it

You see. The last places I got to know in Europe looked a little like this:

San Rizzleee, Italia!

Lo siento. Plaza Mayor…..meh.

Palacio Real…’re no Versailles.

So, did I reconsider packing everything up and moving to Madrid?

Fook no! I lived in SantiASCO for 1.5 years!

yummmmmmmmm smog!!

I guess I wasn’t “4-ever” Santiago’s. (I should clarify that after a good rain, the cordillera is breathtaking!)

I finally checked into my hostel and took a nap.

The power of LA SIESTA transformed me!

I awoke to a beautiful, sunny and happy Madrid!

The birds were chirping *foreshadowing* *tee hee*

You could say I stopped and smelled the roses.

figuratively and literally!!! !har har!!

A stroll through parque del buen retiro put a smile on my face that I haven’t since been able to wipe 🙂

BUT …..

THEN …….

A BIRD SHIT ON MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY!?!? ME!?!?!?!

Knowing that it’s lucky to step in shit or be shit on (or shit yourself???) I carried on!

My Spain love story part II will explain why I know this. 😉

Así que, Madrid, me caes bien al fin y al cabo


6 thoughts on “primeras impresiones areN’T always correctas!

  1. You will like Madrid, I promise. 🙂 I lived there for two years and I had to leave at the beginning of September because of the economic crisis. Are you teaching English through the Ministerio de Educacion? I did it through a private company but it is basically the same as the Ministerio program (but we were in charter schools and not public schools and the program only places you in schools in the Madrid area).

    What part of Madrid are you teaching in and where are you living? I can understand Madrid might be a bit of a letdown after Paris. I’ve been to that city more times than I can count and I love France, it will always be my first love (father is from there). But Madrid will surprise you I think. The public transportation is stellar, the restaurants/nightlife are fantastic, and if you stay away from Sol/Plaza Mayor (which I hated with a passion) you will discover other parts of Madrid that aren’t in the guidebooks. Oh and the hiking is excellent. 🙂 (I joined a fantastic hiking group a few months before I left and was amazed to discover the mountains and lakes outside of the city.)

    Have fun discovering one of my favorite cities! 🙂

    1. Hi Amelie! (love that name! so frenchy!)

      Yes, I’m working with the ministerio de educación. Did you do BEDA? Lucky you for getting placed in the city! I’m way out in Meco. I should say though that today was my second day and I am loving my school and students.

      I’m living in barrio salamanca and so far after my eventful first day I’m really liking Madrid. I’ve been enjoying the nightlife and eating my way around the city. Paris definitely doesn’t have these prices! I’m missing the beach a little (studied in Santa Barbara), but I have the airport a 15 min ride away. I’m already getting excited about my first paycheck and what trip I’m going to spend it on!

      Shame you had to leave, but I hope you’re also enjoying your city! 🙂 Saludos!

      1. No I did UCETAM but I know about BEDA. Both programs are pretty similar.

        I have two friends that live in the Salamanca area, near the Goya metro stop! It’s a nice area, lots of shopping.

        And yeah Madrid is cheaper than most European capitals but all that has been changing this past year. Metro prices went up by A LOT this summer and they’re doing that new system where you have to input the number of stops which then calculates the price (when I first came to Madrid, a billete simple of one ride only cost a euro!). Not to mention the IVA/VAT went up a lot too.

        Have fun traveling and teaching! 🙂

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