My Spanish Love Story: Parte Uno

Summer of 2006, just after my 17th birthday, I was itching to travel somewhere far from home. A family vacation to Disneyland just wasn’t going to cut it. I wanted to go really far. And I wanted to go alone.

After my art history class trip to Italy I was dying to return to Europe and go to a country where I actually spoke the language (well kind of).

My mom being as supportive as always agreed to let me spend the summer in Southern Spain with a host family on a sort of study abroad program.

I packed my bags and spent a little over a month in sunny Cadiz stumbling my way through conversations, drinking tinto de verano, getting the worst sunburn of my life and falling in love. It is to my great embarrassment that I’ll now share a few of my diary entries from that  precious time in my life.

DISCLAIMER: I was a sheltered child/ good girl and my thoughts on love and relationships are VERY immature for a 17 year old. Teehee! So boy crazy! Oh and I also suffered greatly with homonyms. Me is stupid!

They say there are 4 phases of culture shock. Honeymoon. Negotiation. Adjustment. Mastery.

Well here’s to the honeymoon!

lol yes I got them kings jerseys as a gift! and yes, every entry comes with a dibujito!

My honeymoon phase spilled onto the pages of my diary. I was ecstatic to be in Spain. I loved speaking Spanish. I thought my host family was amazing. I got into 18+ bars. I was making friends with Spanish kids my age. La vida era buena.

with my host mom (far right) and her friends in Tarifa, the southernmost part of Europe
with new amigos at our fav
hangout spot, parque sacramento
with la giralda in Sevilla
Santa Catalina Castle, Cadiz

At some point the honeymoon phase had to end and I got a taste of what it was like to experience the lows of living in a foreign country.

comfort sandals my mom made me get broke when I was only halfway to the mall! FOOK!
missing home on the 4th and feeling bored (their* oy vey)
hahahaha culture shock on the beach! (wear* spell check fail!)

I learned the hard way that not everyone is going to be your friend and you’re not going to get along with every single person you meet abroad, not even if they’re American too.

hahahha SO MUCH HATE!!!!!
and why all this hate???? because he wouldn’t give me a friend’s phone number! sheesh!

The bad times passed and I began to do things to adjust (like ignore that bastard Jon haha!) Just like that I was having too much fun again!

out with the old! in with the new!
fun in Cadiz
with friends at la feri
con los marineros 😉
I saw the light at the end of this tunnel!

And surprise surprise, I fell for a Spanish guy.

hahah my friends would tell Spanish guys I had a boyfriend to keep the creeps away, but I wasn’t happy when they told Jaime!

We both didn’t speak the other’s language and we probably had nothing really in common, but someway, somehow our hearts aligned that summer. I even spotted him on the back of a moto! If that’s not love I don’t know what is! 😛

obviously the “amazing” part of my day wasn’t seeing the Giralda or walking around Plaza de España! It was seeing Jaime of course!

Sadly, my summer study abroad came to an end and I had to return home just as the protagonist did from “Mi amor del verano“. Promises to return and tears were shed on my last night in España.

And my last new vocabulary entry in my diary?


“Mi amor esperará…hasta el próximo verano.” – Mi amor del verano


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