“Yo aprendo muy mucho espanol en el ano.”

It wasn’t until sophomore year of high school that I started to learn Spanish. It’s really a pity when you think that nowadays in the US some kids start in preschool. I still love you mom! But my kids are going to be trilingual 🙂

At 15 years old I really didn’t have any real passion for studying any subject. My high school did have a foreign language requirement, so reluctantly I signed up for Español I.

I still remember my first day of Spanish class. Our teacher came in speaking (what was to me) a mile a minute in Spanish. I didn’t understand a word she was saying. I looked at my classmates and we giggled thinking to ourselves, “Is she really going to teach this whole class in Spanish?!”

She did. Here are my thoughts on learning Spanish from a mini essay I wrote in 2005.

a “cuatro” was a 100% score 😉

Soy diferente. I’m different. That’s a HUGE self realization for a 15 year old! I excelled quickly in this class and Spanish soon became my favorite subject. I found myself reciting the alphabet and naming colors while on the soccer bus with my native speaking friends. Seeing my teacher’s love for the language and the country Spain (she married a Spaniard!) I began to develop my own interest and started to dream of travel and fluency.

Let’s take a walk down Calle Éxito.

Spanish, Education and Love were my three favorite topics! lol I was a weird kid!

One of my favorite things to do in class was to make libritos!

My mamá was proud! 😀

I also very eerily made predictions for the future that have since proved to be bewilderingly accurate.

lol false friends flub! what I meant to say was “estoy emocionada” not “estoy excitada” (I’m horny)

My favorite of all “life foreshadowing” moment that came out in Spanish class was a book I wrote called “Mi amor del verano” which I think should be renamed to “La historia de mi vida.”

In this book I narrate the classic tale of a girl who sadly must leave her friends behind to embark on a faraway trip. On this vacation she meets a sexy latin lover, falls in love and ultimately must part ways with her amor. They share a tearful goodbye and hope that the next summer they will be together once more.

Hmmmm rings a few bells. Next post to follow: my Spain story and “amores del verano” 😉

And for your viewing entertainment:


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