Italy: Then and Now

At the ripe age of 16 I visited Italy for the first time.

Six years later I returned as an older and (hopefully) wiser 23-year-old.

That being said, not a whole lot has changed.

When I was in Italy the first time and when I returned to Italy the second I …

ate gelato with friends

Spring 06
Summer 12

hung out on ponte vecchio

spring 06
summer 12

made a wish at the Trevi Fountain 

spring 06
summer 12

went back to the time of the gladiators at Il Colosseo

spring 06
summer 12

enjoyed the street entertainment 

spring 06

fell in love with Italy’s gorgeous views

spring 06
summer 12

As you might’ve guessed, I loved Italy as a boy crazy, victoria’s secret p!nk wearing, velour tracksuit rocking, big hoop earring styling 16-year-old and I loved it just as much as an English teaching, (insert bad trend that’ll be a crime 6 years from now) 23-year-old. As much as I hunger for exploring and venturing off to new parts of the world, this re-visit was an unforgettable adventure for me. Sure, taking a picture with some ridiculously famous landmark in a new country is often travel time well spent. But I think the real beauty of travel all comes down to the experience.


Ok and this didn’t happen back in 06, but since you all know how much I like it when people take pictures of me and suck at it, I made my own meme from when I visited the leaning tower of Pisa. Teehee

You should know that I didn’t crop the tower whatsoever. That is the entire length of it that the “stranger photog” decided to capture.


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