Britt, dove sei?

Sono a casa!

After 2 months touring bella Italia I’m back on the “family farm” living the simple life and eating the mexican food.

the simple life
the mexican food

My summer has been a whirlwind of trains, new friends, pizza, host families, camp songs, gelato, English games, students and nutella. (I tried to be sneaky and slip in the food stuff between other things, but the secret is out…..I’m fat!)

I spent the entire summer packing up and moving on from new city to new city every week.

see what I mean about trains? …. that and one hell of a plane ride back home

And what, you might ask, was I doing?


I was super tutoring!

with my 5 year old 🙂

Ok ok. So really I was teaching English at summer camps in small Italian villages.

A while back a google search led me to a company called ACLE. A plan formed almost immediately. I would say au revoir to Paris and head over to the beautiful seaside town of San Remo for a one week orientation with a hundred other anglophoneys.

After orientation we were to be set free on Italy. Out to patrol bad grammar and help put an end to mispronunciation.

and look extremely sexy….and blonde??

Every week (sometimes every other week) I traveled to a new city to stay with a new family and work at a new camp with new students.

floating around lago d’iseo with my host bro & sis in northern italy

The ACLE philosophy was simple: emotions generate learning.

Through the use of songs, games and fun activities we taught the bambini a bit of English and a bit about ourselves and cultures. Since the kids were in a complete immersion and most tutors didn’t speak Italian, they were forced to *gasp* speak English.

And speak English they did! Check out my last camp’s final show video!

My summer teaching English in Italy was one to never forget. I learned so much from working with different people and living life out of a suitcase just wondering where the next train would take me. After 5 weeks straight of train hopping, tutoring, sightseeing and eating A LOT …..I MEAN A LOT A LOT. I was more than ready to head back home to the good ol’ U S of A.

…but not before taking one last vacation to Sicily 😉

dolce vita

I’m home for a month now


I process my visa for …

ESPAÑA!! Olé olé olé!!


Brazil, I’ll see you around world cup time. I promise. I’m just not done with Europe yet.

Madrid, de allá somos!!


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