mom’s visit in photos

While maman was here we….

saw Paris!

(and I said voila a lot)

voila! la tour eiffel from our seine river cruise
voila! the pantheon
voila! the midnight in paris steps
voila! the jardin du luxembourg
voila! notre dame
voila! sacré coeur
voila! la tour eiffel
voila! the louvre
voila! the mona lisa (and my attempt at her smile)
voila! the arc de triomphe
voila! the avenue des champs-élysées

traveled a bit (by train, bus and car). And learned a bit.

market square in Bruges, Belgium
with the nearly thousand year old Bayeux tapestry
German bunker from WWII in Normandy, France where the allied troops landed on D-day
from the American cemetery overlooking Omaha beach, where US troops landed on D-day
at fort national Saint Malo, France
le mont saint-michel
Brittany in “Brittany”
from the abbey on mont saint michel

asked people to take our picture. They did a bad job.

the buildings we wanted in the picture are to our right
ummmm where’s the background?
ummmm where’s the palace?
ummmmm where’s the louvre?!?!
people also ruined our pictures in other ways

shamelessly took pictures posing with our food in restaurants.

belgian waffles anyone?
her first crêpe
I don’t look too happy for having an amorino ice cream in my hand….maybe it’s because I’m taking a picture of it and not eating it!
can’t say that this one is shameless
even the waiter got into it!

suffered the wrath of mother nature.

no hood or umbrella at the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium
torrential downpour on the eiffel tower

et enfin,



…on my birthday!


June 12th 2012
June 12th 2011


had a good time. 🙂


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