boa música

Two posts in a row! I’m on a roll!

Today I wanted to write about some of the music that’s already made it onto my top 25 most played list on my ipod. You know, the music that’s blasting in my ears when I’m on the metro and internally screaming at people to “GTFO of my way!”


Know this guy?


Silly gringo! Why it’s none other than Brazilian sertanejo singing sensation Michel Teló!

You may have heard once or twice (or 3 million times) his international hit “Ai Si Eu Te Pego!”

You know,

♫ Nossa, nossa

Assim você me mata

Ai se eu te pego, ai ai se eu te pego ♫

He even made an English version. “Oh if I catch you. OMG if I catch you!” Lyrical genius!

I remember I instantly loved this song the first time I heard it. I played it for my ex roommate who was going to Brazil the next week. To my surprise she told me that she didn’t like it. Of course by the time she was back from Brazil she had it all over her facebook with little ♥s…. and this is why I hate girls.

Well after hearing this song over and over for the past.. I don’t know.. 7 months, I’d rather take a pencil to the eye than do the little air hump dance.

Fortunately for me, he has other boas canções! (I’m sure a few Brazilian friends would beg to differ! Sorry guys! Eu gosto disto!)

A few choice songs are:

Humilde Residência


and Gotas de Água Doce

My personal fav is Fugidinha!

The word “fuga”in Portuguese means escape in English. The Portuguese diminutive is formed with -inho and -inha endings. Therefore, fugidinha means “a little escape”.

The song basically talks about him arriving at a club and spotting a hot girl who “knows her potential” (sabe seu potencial). He’s “dying to touch her” (Tô morrendo de vontade de te agarrar) but nobody can know, so “the only choice is to make a little escape with her” (O jeito é dá uma fugidinha com você).

Cute, right?

Well, according to an insightful Brazilian friend, the word for “f*ck” in Portuguese is “foda”. Now that you’re all Portuguese experts, you know that the diminutive would be “fodidinha”. This word sounds quite similar to “fugidinha”, especially when sung quickly.

So instead of singing about whisking this gatinha away and making a “little escape”, this sly dog is really interested in having a “little f*ck” or a “quickie”! Ha!

What a play on words! Cheeky little bastard, Michel Teló!

Canção dissecado!

In all seriousness, music is a great way to learn a language and get interested in a new culture.

RBD anyone? ……anyone??


And apparently, it’s working! I recently took an online Portuguese test for a language school and scored into the intermediate or advanced class! WTF?!? haha speaking Spanish, reading a bit of Portuguese and listening to Michel Teló has really paid off!

Here’s the email:

“Olá Brian,
Here is some information about our regular programs
We offer 3 levels in our Portuguese Program: Port 1, 2 and 3. At the end of Portuguese 3 you get a certificate.
You scored 22 out of 30 points on your test. That would place you in Portuguese 2/3 pending your oral performance that the teacher will evaluate on the first day of classes.”

Brian??? hahahah! 22 out of 30??? Isso é loucura né?

Guess I won’t be singing this!


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